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There are number of solutions available in the market today to make the sales process more efficient. There for when choosing one it’s important to make the correct choice. Here are a few pitfalls when it comes to making a choice in finding the right solution for you.

Buying before testing

This is a very common mistake seen when come to purchasing this type of curtail software. Before you buy the product make sure that you give it a trial run and see if it matches your requirements. Actually it’s best to give a few options a trial run and let your employee have a look at it as well. When performing the trial make sure that the system can accommodate the requirements of your business. For example if you are looking for a retail POS systems then you need a fast checkout process, attaching customer to a sale, refunding and retuned good etc. So before buying check how these are done and easy if the process involved are easy to learn and perform system.

Hardware before the software

Many people decide on the hardware first and then buy the software. But actually it should be the other way around. The hardware should be bought to facilitate the software and support it. So make sure that you buy the software and then buy the hardware that’s recommended for it. Ask your vendor about what would be the best choices. But if you already have the hard ware and you just looking to change to new software then its advice to look for the software that can be supported by the hardware you already have. That way you can cut down on your implementation costs.

A long check list

It’s good to always have a list of feature that you are looking for but don’t go into looking for 100 of different feature. In the end you will end up with very complex software that’s not user friendly or customer service friendly. So for example if you are looking for a retail POS systems.

then note down the most needed features like fast checkouts, user friendly navigation and easy learning curve, customer management etc. Narrow down to the features that will support your daily transaction process in regard to the most crucial aspects.

Most importantly remember that you should never hire someone to look for you. Getting a professional consultant’s advice or involving your employees in the decision making or narrowing down process is totally fine but never relay totally on someone else to make the final decision. You should know what you are buying and why you are buying it. This type of IT solution will manage and affect you entire business process. So it’s crucial that you fully get yourself involved when purchasing such solutions.